Motrin makes amends with mums

I was putting together a little movie clip the other day showcasing some of advertising campaigns that well, haven’t exactly gone to plan. One of the ones I came across was Motrin, a US pain killer who created this ad [ see below] and then well . . watch it first . . .

So they ran the ad. Two things happened.

1. It caused a flurry of activity on Twitter amongst angry Motrin moms:

2. Someone responded with another ad on YouTube. Take a look.

Whether you think it’s a big stink over nothing, whether you agree with the Motrin mums or not. I have to say I was impressed with Motrin’s response. Simple. To the point. No bullshit. Game over.

motrin I think what people took great pleasure in with the NAB fiasco what the way they handled the whole thing. People make mistakes, everybody does.

I think the way Motrin handled it was spot on. When you own up to it and make amends, there’s really nothing to gossip about now is there?


3 thoughts on “Motrin makes amends with mums

  1. I agree, the commentary got out of hand with the NAB mishap but it was more about the way they handled it than what was done originally. i.e. If they had spoken out against the criticism as themselves (and not threatened the Moltn blogger) which is what we assume happened, then they would have copped a whole lot less flak…

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