I collect domain names

the way that other women collect shoes.

Want to know how I know, it’s a problem?

I’ve started putting them on my other credit card.

Lines and lines, of lives I might have had,

or might still.

For someone who often feels out of place,

It’s like buying a small flag to put in place, and say

I was here.

io. is the domain du jour

at least, for me.

And provocation is my favourite word

for now.

So of course I bought the combinations

of these things.

When they became available.

But explaining to my husband is like trying to explain

why I farm mountain goats or take Latin.

I just wanted a bit of space

to be myself.

You see in the company where I work

two, or sometimes more days in a week

I don’t even have a permanent desk or chair.

I’m not sure how that happened.

I just never got one.


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