There’s something about the thrill of waking up on Christmas morning

and wondering what the day might bring

when you’re five

At twelve maybe you feel it in that first real connection with an other

a new steady

and the anticipation of that first kiss

Maybe in high school you feel it on the track

sixteen years of preparation on that white line

following the calves of your competitor

until you make your move

and now they’re following you

At twenty maybe you feel it on the first day of a new job

you’ve come prepared

years and years of sit down schooling and finally

the chance to actually think for yourself and just maybe if you’re lucky

you’ll find a space that’s meant for you

and someone to light the way

At thirty you might feel it when you connect

wholeheartedly and vulnerably with another human

that you know could be more than just today

maybe forever

Later on when you’re grown up and tired

you muse on the magic of childhood

and the endless possibility of those special moments

where anything felt possible

You work and adult and parent as you’re supposed to

and sometimes you wonder if you’ll ever feel

that magic again

And then one day you realise that the world is open

that you can learn anything through open source

build anything with no code

connect with anyone in the world just by reaching out

and you realise that the connection, the contribution and the creativity

is just waiting there for you

And finally you see it

the magic that only grownups can see

and once again you’re filled with endless possibility

the anticipation of what might lie ahead

what each day might bring

We’re never too old for magic

the mistake we make

is that we think it lies in a place

or a time

But those moments are everywhere

the thrill of something new

the delight in something unexpected

the anticipation of what might come next

We are never too old for magic

if we choose to believe

we are braver than we know

stronger than we seem

and smarter than we think

So go forth and unleash your weirdness into the world

ignore the advice of all the grown ups around you

assume the world holds as much wonder for you now

as it did back then

Maybe your dreams are bonkers

maybe brave and foolish look the same to some

be fearlessly full

connect generously and often

And you’ll realise the magic hasn’t left you

it’s just wearing different clothes and

offering different possibility

it has left you a map if you care to follow

a signal if you’re listening

it’s telling you a story

full of wonder


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